Our Story

Waterperry Alpacas was established just a couple of years ago, with the purchase of five alpacas from a local farm. We quickly learned what lovely animals they are and decided to build up a herd of top quality alpacas with the finest fleeces.  We are fortunate in being surrounded by some of the best breeders in the county, who have given us help and support as well as selling us our initial breeding females. As we are very much in the early years of our venture, we do not have any alpacas for sale at the moment but we are hoping that will change in 2020, by which time we will have more than doubled in size.  

Alpaca Beans

At the moment all we can sell you are alpaca beans, which is essentially alpaca poo but sometimes known as Black Gold due to its excellent qualities as a fertiliser.  If you are in the Oxfordshire area, do look out for our sign and give it a try.  You can find us on the road leading from Wheatley to Thame, just after the turning for Waterperry.  From the M40 junction 8, follow the signs to Waterperry Gardens (OX33), which is round the corner and well worth a visit.  It should only take you about 5 minutes.  

While picking up your beans, take the opportunity to feel the difference in the softness of alpaca fleece compared with sheep’s wool.  It is quite marked and the reason why alpaca clothing is so desirable. Then stick your head over the gate and say hello to our growing herd of alpacas, some of whom are introduced below.  They will be delighted to see you. 

Donnatella, aged nine months.

Donnatella, Donna to her friends, was  just nine months when we bought her in April 2016. The youngest of the initial group, she grew increasingly confident and friendly.  She is now twice the size she was then but is just as inquisitive and always the first to check out what’s going on. 

Waterperry Willow, aged six months

Later in 2016, we bought two more pregnant alpacas from local breeder, Bozedown, who have a wonderful reputation and whose alpacas are renowned for their superior quality. Pictured is Willow, who was born at Bozedown in June 2016.   She was quickly followed by Lily and, together with their mums, they moved to Waterperry in October 2016.  We are hoping they will be producing their own cria (babies) next year.

Lily and Fudge enjoying the sprinkler in the summer.

In fact, Fudge couldn’t get enough of it.

2017 saw our first birth in Waterperry, with the arrival of Waterperry Summer Solstice, who was born (not surprisingly) on 21 June.  Here she is with her mum, Bozedown’s Forbidden, a few hours after being born.

Summer quickly found her feet!  Don’t worry about the purple streaks, we were a little over-cautious applying the anti-septic spray!