Wonder what it's like to own an alpaca smallholding.  Come and find out!

We don't offer alpaca walking as such - our alpacas aren't mad on being walked although we are trying to teach them - it's a slow process involving plenty of patience!  But we do invite you to visit us for a personalised one-on-one experience, where you can come and meet our managerie of animals, from the alpacas to the rabbit, cat, dogs, ducks and chickens.

We only have one couple or group at a time and we will show you round so you can hang out with the alpacas (who love a shower on a hot day), cosy up to the cat, cuddle a chicken (who knew!) and run after the rabbit.  Whatever takes your fancy.

While away a couple of hours this summer and maybe bring a picnic - we can stick it in the fridge so your strawberries and cream will be kept fresh and your prosecco ice cold when you are ready for a bit of sustenance.

Price is £20 per person for a two hour visit.



The Chickens


A Duck

Another Duck

Anabel and Maria enjoying a shower